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Hückelhoven is a city in the district of Heinsberg in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen near the border to the Netherlands. The area of Hückelhoven is 61,27 km². Ca. 40.000 people live here.

The city of Hückelhoven in well known for its coal-mines. The coal-mine named Sophia-Jacoba was closed after producing for hundred years. Hückelhoven is divided into 11 boroughs: Altmyhl, Baal, Brachelen, Doveren, Hilfarth, Kleingladbach, Millich, Ratheim, Rurich and Schaufenberg. The English city Hartlepool has been a partner city of Hückelhoven since 1973.

There are different possibilities to spend free time, e.g. swimming in the indoor swimming centre or playing football in several clubs. There are several museums in Hückelhoven, one of them, the “Mineralien-Bergbau Museum”, can be found at pit 3, an old part of Sophia-Jacoba. The “Korbmacher Museum” is placed in Hilfarth. Famous sights are house/castle Hückelhoven and the castle of Rurich. You will find different kinds of schools in Hückelhoven. The primary school, the special education school, the seconday modern school, the grammar school and the mining school. Hückelhoven has also got a public city library.


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