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Kreis Heinsberg

>>Kreis Heinsberg<<


Country: Germany

State: North-Rhine-Westphalia

Administration region: Cologne

Capital: Heinsberg

Area-total: 627.7 km²

Population-total: 255.158

Vehicle registration: HS


Heinsberg is a district in the west of North- Rhine- Westphalia, Germany. Neighboring districts are Viersen, Mönchengladbach, Neuss, Düren and Aachen, and also the Dutch province Limburg.



The area came to Prussia in 1815 and Prussia created the three districts Heinsberg Erkelenz and Geilenkirchen in 1816. Kreis Heinsberg is an old settlement area. The Christian religion has left its traces in the historical development, in the 8th  century the first churches were built.
With the foundation of the administrative district of Aachen in the Kingdom of Prussia in 1816 the districts Heinsberg, Geilenkirchen and Erkelenz were created. While the district Erkelenz existed for 156 years, the parts of Gelsenkirchen and Heinsberg were grouped under the name „Geilenkirchen“ in 1932. A year later the name was changed in Geilenkirchen-Heinsberg.

In 1951 this was renamed in „Selfkantkreis Geilenkirchen-Heinsberg“.The Selfkant area was under Dutch administration in the years 1949 to 1963. On 1st January 1972 the new district of Heinsberg was created as it exists at the moment.



Geographically it covers the lowlands of the

Niederrheinische Bucht.



* Rur is the main river.

* Wurm

* Schwalm

* Niers




The coat of arms, the flag, shows two lions in the top part, on the left side the silver lion of the city and the dukes of Heinsberg, on the right side the black lion on yellow ground of the duchy of Jülich. The bottom part derives from coat of arms of the former district Erkelenz.




1.Erkelenz (44.583)               

2.Geilenkirchen (28.083)          

3.Heinsberg (40.991)              

4.Hückelhoven (39.201)

5.Übach-Palenberg (24.837)

6.Wassenberg (17.183)

7.Wegberg (29.130)


1.Gangelt (11.692)

2.Selfkant (10.251)

3.Waldfeucht (9207)



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