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>>> Migrants in Hückelhoven <<<

A lot of Turks live in Hückelhoven

The growth of population was caused by the mine. A lot of workers of the coalmine came from other parts of Germany, because the coalmine needed workers. They searched foreign workers, especially from Turkey. So Turkish workers came to Hückelhoven. Today about 3000 Turkish migrants live in Hückelhoven. This is about 10% of all inhabitants. So, the Turkish citizens are an important part for the life and culture of Hückelhoven. At the moment there are 4 mosques in Hückelhoven and a lot of Turkish shops and markets. At school Turkish pupils aren’t so successful, because 30% of the pupils haven’t a graduation. But 14% of the Turkish pupils have a high-school graduation. Sometimes Turkish pupils and German pupils have problems. The problems are often caused by the different religions and the language. The town, clubs and the schools do a lot of activities so that Turks and Germans get to know each other and trouble can be avoided.


There are many Turkish markets where only Turks work:

  • Hilal market/ Hückelhoven
  • Yenice market/ Hückelhoven
  • Euro Food market/ Hilfarth                                             
  • Günes market/ Hückelhoven
  • Karadeniz Grill & Kebaphaus/ Hückelhoven
  • Devran Grill & Kebaphaus/ Hückelhoven
  • Saray Grill & Kebaphaus/ Hückelhoven
  • Beyza Boutique/ Hückelhoven
  • Balci Reisen/ Hückelhoven
  • Sila Reisen/ Hückelhoven
  • Sila Café/ Hückelhoven
  • Atlas Reisen/ Hückelhoven
  • M&C/ Hückelhoven
  • Meeting place for men ( Turkish name “ Kahvehane ” ) / Hückelhoven
  • Computer shop Sökmen/ Hückelhoven
  • Foto Bilgin/ Hückelhoven
  • Istanbul Mode/ Hückelhoven
  • Sultan Mode/ Hückelhoven
  • Telering/ Hückelhoven
  • Ugur Juwelier/ Hückelhoven
  • Autohaus Diker/ Hückelhoven



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