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Hauptschule (secondary school)


A Hauptschule, a secondary school, is a high school in Germany and Austria, starting after 4 years of primary school. Pupils spend five or six years at a secondary school, from the 5th to 9th (or 10th) grade. Usually they finish at the age of 15 or 16. Any pupil who goes to a primary school is able to visit the secondary school or the integrated school, while pupils who want to visit a secondary modern school or grammar school need especially good marks in order to do so.



The secondary school was first introduced in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1950 and is now part of the secondary education in Germany, there are other secondary schools like the grammar school to prepare for university or the secondary modern school .


The main aim of secondary school is to offer young students a basic education for work, because most of them will not attend a university later. Subjects that are taught at secondary school are mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, technics, geography, history, religion (or a substitute subject), music, art, politics, sports and language. Usually there are taught the same subjects as in  secondary modern schools and in  grammar schools, but at a slower pace. Pupils, who achieve their leaving certificate at the age of 15/16,  can start apprenticeship or start work in the public service at basics or secretarial level or even visit another  school . The school faces many challenges, because sometimes pupils of average abilities can’t learn properly with puplis who have learning difficulties and need special attention.


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